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Yoga means lot of different things to different people. Some people focus more on the time spent on the mat going thru physical asanas to build up a strong body while some insist quieting the mind through meditation is it’s true purpose. Still for others it’s more about the time off the mat doing what is called seva or service, making it their life’s purpose to connect by helping others.

Whatever your approach, yoga is about turning the gaze inward while acknowledging that ultimately we are all intrinsically connected. Through the planet we live on, through the consciousness we share, through the air that WeBreathe.

We created this site to share our common (& not so common) experiences. How yoga affects and transforms us. We want to wipe away the dusty corners of the day when we have doubts, doubts about ourselves, our practice, about how to confront the chaos that swirls all around us. We’d like to invite you too to share your recollections, of the first or the last time you stepped on a yoga mat and it’s ripple affect on the rest of your day.

We would like this site to be about sharing our yoga stories, to create a new cultural narrative based on these transformative experiences.