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The world would be a peaceful, loving and mindful place if we all practiced Kundalini Yoga.

That’s our opinion. Take it or leave it. If you’ve ever been to a Kundalini Yoga class, you would know that that is nothing but the truth.

The classes are structured. But no class is like another. They are dynamic. They are slow. They are spiritual. And they are down to earth. We sing mantras. And we breathe. You feel. You experience. Everything. And nothing. You experience which is most important. You experience YOU.

You become aware of your thoughts. Also of those you don’t like. But you notice them. And you realize. You are not your thoughts. You also become aware of your physical and emotional condition. And you work on them. The nice things you keep. Nasty things you let go.

It sounds easy but it’s not. It is physically challenging. Very often you reach your limits. And you push them further every now and then.

This ancient technique is several thousand years old. It was kept secret. In India students were required to go through several years of initiation before they were prepared to learn the spirit-body lessons of the Kundalini masters. Now it’s available to everyone. Because “happiness is your birthright”.



Kundalini Yoga Classes – Every Wednesday

Every Wednesday evening at 20:15 we meet at the White Cloud Studio in the charming Jordaan in Amsterdam. Every class is a little surprise – sometimes very relaxing and sometimes very energetic as Ella chooses her classes intuitively.

The group is small (max. 10 people) and the atmosphere is cosy. Ella likes to work with a small group as in this way the progress of every student becomes vivid.

After the class the tea is served, and you can enjoy and discuss the effects of the class. Ella does everything to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. She also gives tips about how to incorporate yoga into your daily life and shares more in depth information about this wonderful ancient technique.


Wellbeing in Vevey – Classes for teenagers

The institution for the school improvement and professional transition in Vevey (OPTI VAUD) organizes during the month of March classes on the theme “well being”. In that context, it is a great opportunity to include yoga classes to the program. Olivia will teach classes to teenagers aged between 15 and 18.

This is a class to give the student the opportunity to take time for themselves, feel their body and be aware of their breath.


Vevey Classes



Friday Kundalini Yoga @ Yoga Vision

Raeann gives private and group classes in Paris with an emphasis on those who are new to yoga. Yoga, estimated to be over 5,000 years old, is a health and retirement plan that keeps your body and mind well tuned.

Kundalini differs from other disciplines as it is practiced with the gaze turned inwards. There is no competition and no such thing as incompetence. Just a space to recharge, reconnect and raise awareness through movement, breath and sound. For those who are wary of stepping onto the mat for the first time, Raeann organizes a safe environment in your home or hers to practice this sacred science.

Every Friday at 10:15 @ Yoga Vision (66 rue de la Fontaine au Roi)

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