Let us come back to day 6… after a few days of feeling great, light and focused I started to feel the craving of sweetness and experienced difficulty not thinking of my bad habits and wish to eat what I wanted.

Do you believe it if I tell you that I even started to dream about food. One night I dreamt I was hanging out with friends and all of a sudden, I was in front of a ‘Creperie’. It is not that I am that fond of crepes, not at all, but that night in that dream yes. I wanted a crepe and I ordered one, but at least with a green tea.

In my dream I was saying to myself : Oh you shouldn’t eat that crepe because you are on a green diet and then the other voice saying : hooo but at least you drink a green tea with it. That will counterbalance! Of course !!!

Funny how the mind works and how intoxicated by food we are (at least I am). It definitely reminds me when I stopped smoking. It was exactly the same. I was dreaming that I was smoking (and then was horrified).

These ten days made me aware of my relation to food and how obsessed by food I can be. Especially when I have to do something I do not really want or when I have to focus on something and do not want to. Then I have only one thing in mind : FOOD !

On the other hand, I also realized that food is not everything and that we can, or we should be able to, find pleasure in other thing than just food. You feel so good in your body and mind when you eat green & that is a real pleasure indeed. I felt so energetic, a feeling of being in control of my body. I did not have this low blood sugar effect anymore, my digestion was easy, the sleepy feeling after eating disappears, etc. That’s all benefit…But still my mind reminds me that I want sweets…

As I was talking with my friend the other day, I’ve heard her saying eating is a pleasure in life and eating healthy and with consciousness would be a torture. Of course it is frustrating to be aware of what you eat, but on the other hand the real pleasure comes with the well being due to your physical and emotional balance.

On a practical and ecological side, during ten days I did not produce waste. Everything was just compost and sometimes a bit of plastic in which the vegetables were wrapped, that’s it…

This ten day green diet made me think about my relation to food (emotional and practical) and how I seek pleasure in life. For those reasons alone I am very grateful I took the chance to do this little cleansing. Now I can go back to my chocolate, cake and bread… ten days is not long enough to get over my greediness with food… but that’s’ just a beginning and I am definitely a bit more aware.