I read this amazing tale of courage about an American doctor who contracts Ebola working in a clinic in Sierra Leone. He recovers after coming very close to death in an Atlanta hospital and is released being declared Ebola free.

But two months later after experiencing excruciating eye pain, he finds himself back in hospital as they discover the virus still lurking in his inner eye. It’s a fascinating story about the incredible complexity of the human body but also how incredibly vast is the human heart.

After almost losing his sight and hearing on one side of his body, Dr Crozier recovers with the help of his very perspicacious colleagues and some antivirals not yet approved by the FDA. He does not go home to lick his wounds but returns to Sierra Leone with this new understanding of the disease, to help other survivors like himself.

I sent Ella the story intoning the doctor’s incredible courage and she wrote back

“That’s commitment! A real yogi!!”

There are soooo many paths to enlightenment, yoga is the one I chose. But the realization that we are here to help each other comes in many different flavors. You just need to find yours.