When I saw this video I diffused it liberally  to urge people not to wait till they’re almost  blind to pursue what truly makes them happy in life

This was the reply I got from my friend Sarah…

So… I had been feeling badly that I hadn’t responded to your email. But I wanted to watch the video before writing back. And then things were always too busy (I don’t have internet at home so I had to watch it at work and there are always distractions here). But… I am so glad that I waited because I just watched the video and the timing was SO perfect!

I have just started to get back into dancing. I tried in the fall but life got in the way. And then I started again in January and it made me so happy that I promised myself that nothing would take priority over dancing. And then I got sick and missed week after week of dancing. And I only returned to dancing 3 weeks ago. Last night, my instructor told me that he is organizing a workshop in Guinea in January 2016 and that I should come. I went to Guinea with him in 2007. This would be the 10 year anniversary of my trip. But of course it’s really hard to take a month off in January to go dancing when I am supposed to be on a path towards completing my PhD. In fact, the reason I started dancing less was because I came to a crossroad in my life where I had to decide if dance would be a hobby or profession and I chose the former. Anyways, as I was walking home I couldn’t stop thinking about what it would mean for me to take a month off and go to Guinea next year.

And then I watched the Slomo video. Such fantastic timing. There are those moments in life where the universe seems to be giving you messages and the challenge is whether or not you listen and what you do with them.