It’s a week now that I’m on green diet. And today I suffer. I would really love to eat anything else but green. I’m longing for cakes. I want to have a nice warm goat cheese in my salad. I even caught myself thinking that I could secretly eat a piece of bread. Nobody would notice. My hand slowly slowly moved towards the cupboard. But hey! Hallo!? What am I doing? I gave my hand a little slap. I am not exaggerating here. My mind is unstoppable finding it’s ways out of this cleanse.

I was telling myself stories which would cheer me up a bit. Stories like: When you need something sweet you eat a ripe kiwi or an apple. Cause you like them. Sweet. And juicy. And you really like, no, you love your mashed mung beans. And the green lentils have the sweet taste of India… And your spinach/ leek/ turkish green spicy pepper soup was delicious. And when you feel happy you chaw on your celery stick! … What? “I don’t want a life like this”, says my mind. It wants it’s comfort food of course. “Shut up”, says my body, totally feeling healthy, strong and energized. Who am I going to listen to?

I only have 3 days to go, so I decide to listen to my body. But it’s a heavy choice I must say…

I went out to take some fresh air and to buy more green stuff. And I see green asparagus at the grocery store. And that made my day! Come to mommy, asparagus, I chant a new mantra, come to mommy. I bought some broccoli too! Hallelujah! You think, I’m nuts, right?

Back home I blanched them. And then roasted them in a grill pan. I sauteed some sunflower seeds in olive oil. Poured them over the asparagus and the broccoli. A bit of salt. A bit of pepper. Few pistachios. Done. This is delicious!!! I chew slowly and mindfully. I’m not kidding. It’s a trick to eat less but still to feel satiated. Works for me. Try it out sometimes.

Finally I realized again how much I love this cleanse. Because it makes you cook simple and fast dishes. The tastes are pure. There is no decision making (which normally takes me quite some time). Groceries are done fast. You don’t let your mind dwell in the shop looking for inspiration. You go in. You put everything green in your bag. You pay & leave. Cooking is mostly fast. And I have so much more energy.

My mind says: “Just 3 more days to go, baby and then it’s my turn… [evil laughter] ” Oooh well…