By the fifth day of the green diet you’ve pretty much exhausted all the green options at your local market, so that’s when you head down to Chinatown.

There you’ll find your green options are off the charts. Probably cause you’ve never seen any of these babies on any chart unless you like to browse through underwater plant catalogues.

How to choose from  this sea of green…

bok choy (chinese chard)
bai cai (white celery mustard)
yau choy (chinese broccoli)
choy sum (chines flowering cabbage)
kai choy (mustard cabbage)
kang kong (water spinach)
to name a few
I grabbed some choy sum to test the waters and was pleasantly surprised with the results .
For the sauce I mixed equal parts:
Rice vinegar
Soy sauce
Grated ginger
Sesame oil
Then heating some vegetable oil over medium heat  in a wok, I threw in some: minced garlic and pepper flakes till they started to stink up my kitchen then in went the shredded choy sum which I cooked until it lost its crunchiness but wasn’t mushy. I threw in the sauce I’d set aside & kept cooking  for a minute or two. Add dry toasted sesame seeds and plunge in.