Last weekend in Zurich we did a workshop with Gurmukh. Oooooh. And Sunday. Sunday was blissful. I came back to “Earth” filled with tremendous amount of energy. Not because Gurmukh spreads energy. She is not magical. But that woman. She knew what she was doing. That kind gracious lady Gurmukh made us dance. She made us move. She made us go crazy.

And we danced. We danced so much. We went tired. We went crazy. We forgot ourselves. We totally forgot. The roles we are playing. The names we call each other. The rules. The plans. The fears. The pains. The enemies. Our own selves. We just forgot.

The rhythm and the dance. The movement. The moments of loosing ourselves in the rhythms. Fear of pain. Fear of going beyond. Fear of loosing control. At some point they all vanished. And we became filled with love. We became a smiling bunch of insanes. And how good that felt. And still feels so good. Insanely good.

Back home. Doing my job. Running from one place to another I ask myself why don’t we do it every day? When we are angry, why don’t we dance? When we are afraid, why don’t we dance? When we are lost, why don’t we dance? Why don’t we just move thru all of that what life trows at us?

After that Sunday session my eyes are brighter. Again. My face glows. Again. My heart is joyous. Again. I have the feeling I shine. I shine like a star.

My dear You, put music on, celebrate every day and shine. May dance always be the answer whatever your question is.