The body as temple is not a poetic metaphor but a sober statement of fact.
The form you inhabit is shakti, consciousness-in-energy form.
You are living in the manifestation of the divine.
The identification of body with the multiverse is the key to causing change in the phenomenal world.
By identifying your body and your reality with the entire macrocosm – and vica versa – both can influence each other.

Jan Fries – Kali Kaula A Manuel of Tantric Magick

I came to yoga thru ashtanga & quickly became enamoured with the cute teacher and the great workout. It was a discipline I could practice any time any where, that left my body feeling challenged and invigorated. But the workout series never changed and the cuteness turned pretty routine too after two years of communal living. I was looking for a deeper relationship and moved onto Hatha yoga for almost 6 years. This time, along with the series of asanas, came more contemplative moments and little windows into realms of a richer reality. Hatha incorporates pranayama that improves focus and helps you listen to yourself.

But the magick really revealed itself to me when a friend brought me to his afternoon kundalini class. I had never heard the word kundalini before so had no idea what to expect except for him singing it’s praises. This time the teacher was one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen but it was the yoga that knocked me off my feet.

Solene was a kundalini warrior, a bit of a high priestess. She had lived with the Indians in Brazil, had participated in their shamanistic rituals and dressed the part. Wearing colorful fabrics, draped and knotted, she had integrated the two disciplines, yoga & shamanism, on a molecular level & was able to transmit an incredible amount of information through the yoga. I can’t really describe those first classes other than to say I walked out of them high. It was as if time had stopped for that hour and a half & we reached in between the seconds.

Kundalini shifts and shakes the energies in and around us. You find yourself being more intuitive, more aware of subtle moments. But a lot of the work doesn’t take place on the mat. Getting up before the phone rings, dreaming of things that haven’t happened yet, hearing what someone else is thinking are not uncommon occurrences.

It is definitely not a one way process. It’s not like you got into the secret club once and never have to wait on line to get in again. You’re constantly challenged to look beyond the obvious. For every step toward lifting the veil of illusion you find yourself back feeding your body pop food and junk culture. Some times you really wish you could go back to caring about Brangelina or as the Onion’s first headline right after 9/11 stated “we long to care about stupid bullshit again”

Life is made up of a series of connections. We cross paths and hold on to the others jokes and dreams. The way they smile. The way they smell. Sometime we hold each other up, sometimes we feel taller when we push the other down. But the space we inhabit fills a part of the universe. It effects everyone. If you live your life consciously you can not ignore the repercussions of your actions on everything around you.

If you can choose between taking the easy path, laying low or flying

Then fly.